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Como faço para comprar sem IVA? (Somente UE)

Encomendar sem IVA é possível com as seguintes condições: Deverá ser um cliente corporativo / comercial e não um consumidor privado. A sede da sua empresa deverá ser num estado membro da União Europeia. Deverá possuir um regime de IVA intracomunitário, disponível para a UE. Se você cumprir com os requisitos, insira seu número de […]

Festivals Wristbands

We all love festivals. This unparalleled feeling of sharing common emotions, enjoying the beautiful, music, nature, and generally being a part of something great. It’s been a while now since wristbands for festivals and events became an inherent part of such kind of occasions, being an ultimate solutions for entry control and other contiguous matters. […]

Children’s wristbands

Children love wristbands. Why not then use them to make children love your event even more? Requirements for children’s wristbands Safety, high quality and hypoallergenicity are actually common requirements for any kind of products for children. And that’s what the properties of our wristbands are. Just add some beautiful colours, shiny glare effect and mosquito […]

Nightclub wristbands

For bars and nightclubs, entry control matters just as much as any other organizational function. This is, among other reasons, why nowadays you will hardly find a nightclub where guests don’t have paper or polymer control wristbands on their hands. Types of bar and nightclub wristbands The two most popular nightclub bracelet species are common […]

Swimming pool wristbands

Swimming pool wristbands are just a perfect solution for security purpose in poolside and waterpark attractions. It’s really hard to come up with a cheaper and at the same time more convenient and relevant gadget for the safety of the clients and their belongings. What are the wristbands made of? Water and mechanical damage resistance […]

Party wristbands

Whether it’s a private party or a 40 000 spectators festival, identification wristbands are necessary no matter how large an event you are about to throw. Wristbands have proven themselves as by now the cheapest and most convenient way to assure security and eliminate unwanted visitors. What are party wristbands made of? The basic purpose of party […]

Wristbands for schools and education

Silicone wristbands are a 100% shrewd choice for advertising, charity or member identity and safety purposes. And not only for entertainment events, but educational trips and sites as well. Why you need silicone wristbands in your school, kindergarten or college?  School and college students are now the largest social risk group. Luckily, silicone wristbands have proven […]

Silicone wristbands for children and teenagers

Kids and teenagers are your target group? Searching for an appealing promo gadget for your sales or marketing campaign? All you need to make an unforgettable impression is branded silicone wristbands! Kids love silicone wristbands It’s hard to tell exactly why, but children do love silicone wristbands – younger children, elder children, and even those […]