Silicone wristbands for children and teenagers

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Kids and teenagers are your target group? Searching for an appealing promo gadget for your sales or marketing campaign? All you need to make an unforgettable impression is branded silicone wristbands!

Kids love silicone wristbands

It’s hard to tell exactly why, but children do love silicone wristbands – younger children, elder children, and even those biggest ones we call adults. Might be, it’s because of the bright colours, or, the fine touch and feeling the silicone gives the skin – who knows. What we know is that silicone wristbands are just irresistible. Once started in USA on a charity campaign, the tradition of delighting kids with silicone bracelets spread worldwide in a blink. By now wristbands have proven themselves an ultimate promo gadget for thousands of marketing, charity and various other campaigns. Why then not use them for the success of yours?

Silicone wristbands origins

The first man that made silicone wristbands sound was Lans Armstrong during his tremendous project LiveStrong. In 2004 yellow wristbands marked “LiveStrong” literally took over the entire US and then quickly spread worldwide. Such popularity of the silicone wristbands gained millions of dollars for the cancer treatment funds all over America and Europe. In a while silicone bracelets obtained a really deep cultural meaning with different colours describing a certain history. One day we’ll post a stand-alone article about this phenomenon; and for now, let’s get back to our silicone characters that every kid falls in love with.

Little Emily loves silicone wristbands just as much as her Barbies 🙂

Stylish and up to date

What children love most is playing. And even despite wristbands are simple as pie, they turn out to be addictive toys. A small piece of silicone, with help of a kid’s imagination, becomes a part (or even a core) of whole new world with its own story. In some magic way wristbands help kids express their values and personality, get across to other children and identify their groups of interest. We can’t say how, but we can say for sure – it works!

There is no way you marketing message placed on silicone wristbands stays unnoticed by anyone that comes across its owner. What’d make your marketing manager even happier is that you only pay once for an unlimited number of your advertisement’s views.

9 reasons to love silicone wristbands

A silicone wristbands is a really unique product, perfect for purpose and occasion. Charity, advertising, mass events – you will hardly call a field of social life where these bracelets would come handy. What attracts children to silicone wristbands most is:

  1. Bright, saturated colours that youngsters just can’t resist;
  2. Silicone wristbands draw the eye of other people. No matter how old, rich or busy they are. No one can help but take a look on what’s on a wristband;
  3. Silicone wristbands are light and insensible on the wrist. Zero discomfort;
  4. Silicone is hypoallergic, which makes it the only cheap material that anyone can enjoy, even those allergy patients;
  5. Despite the wristbands are so tiny, the message they bare is absolutely legible and clear;
  6. Silicone wristbands are a kind of female radio. Whatever people share with each other is the ultimate advertisement;
  7. The price of silicone wristbands is more than modest. Moreover if you want to eat the cake and have too, you can return some of your marketing budget by selling the wristbands (and then spend the income for charity; what can be better for your company’s image? 🙂 ;
  8. Silicone wristbands are durable. Even if you stay with some leftovers after the event, you can use them even 10 years later. The bracelets will keep their look as if they were produced the day before;
  9. What’s finest, your marketing message will be noticed by literally everyone to appear nearby the wristband’s owner. And all that for ridiculously small price. Where else is that possible?
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